Exporting your Pixel 'Now playing' history

Google Pixel phones have the handy ‘now playing’ feature, which is like auto-Shazam - it allows the Pixel to recognize which song is playing in the background and make it visible to you right at your lock screen. It also allows you to view the now playing history and export a song to Play Music / Spotify / Apple Music from settings. Having this enabled by default, I have been accruing songs on the ‘Now playing’ for about a year and a half, which amounts to about 1500 songs.

Hugo, Beyond.

Tl; Dr - I tried out Hugo. Setup a template, build system, CI, and blogging workflow. It’s lean and effective. Ever since I first had the urge to start blogging many years ago, I’ve had a few failed iterations (about five). This is the story documenting my current successful one, and how I set it up using Hugo. I intend this to be a guide to help rapidly people set up Hugo.

Hello World

Of course, it begins with a hello world! I’m a programmer, after all :) In my first of many posts, I want to describe how I setup this blog. Hopefully, this can be of some help to those looking to navigate the overcrowded space of blogging software. For quite some time now, I’ve had a hankering to create my own blog. Is it a tad outdated today? Maybe, but I don’t really care.